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Welcome to “A Day at The Lake”

The men and women of MCAR understand that the process of children growing up can be complicated. The road that leads to success can be filled with great wonders as well as terrible pitfalls our job as leaders parents, teachers, and friends is to guide, inspire, teach, and protect the precious gift of our children. I believe that as a community we all should use the talents, skills, and gifts we have to guarantee that our children have a chance to experience a world full of life, laughter, beauty, peace, and unlimited opportunity. We have chosen to be part of that ongoing effort. “A Day at The Lake” is that type of initiative.


Who we are

Men and women from many different walks of life share a common passion; “We Care “and are committed to taking action, being involved, and being a resource in the community. We are based at Bethesda Temple Church in Flint, MI.


Our Mission

Our goal is to reach a younger generation that is in desperate need of leadership and positive role models.  Through our Day at the Lake initiative, we are able to share valuable life experiences, a positive attitude, and insights with young boys and girls who may not have a father figure in their life. 



Our goal is to show the power of community love and unity through action, facilitating change, and taking a stand to improve the outlook of this community through the mentoring of young men and women.
























What is A Day At The Lake 

For over 14 years "A Day at the lake" has been an annual community initiative teaching and empowering young men to develop lifelong problem-solving skills in a practical way.


This initiative takes place every summer over two fun pact weekends. The first-weekend takes place at Bethesda temple church where volunteers from the community come in and teach the fundamental of fishing, problem-solving and social relationships.


The second weekend takes place in mid-Michigan at a private camp on Shay lake for their annual fishing derby


Why Fishing 

Fishing is just the door to fostering great relationships and beginning the process of mentoring where the element of fish offers many relatable skills needed in life. Such as preparation and planning problem analysis solutions, understanding the responsibility of environmental and social, and accountability.  The young men and women fish, and win prizes all while experiencing a personal sense of reward and achievement that will be with them for a lifetime.


Why We Do It

We believe that skills learned in any area of life will enhance all the other skills in your life. Understanding this empowers and reinforces our commitment to take action.

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